I've Also Got Your Front, Hailey

Published 7/7/2015

Blurb: With the McMand job behind them, Donny is taking a much needed vacation at one of Parker’s safe houses. After encountering a woman in trouble and trying to help her, he’s injured in the struggle. He’s forced to call for Parker and the rest of the team’s help.

 Although the island is normally a peaceful tourist destination, they soon discover that it is run by a drug lord. He’ll stop at nothing, trying to get back what is his – the woman Donny rescued. She fled, afraid for her life, and Donny is determined to get her off the island safely. Falling in love with her only complicates matters more.

They desperately need to get to safety, but Parker just as desperately wants to keep his Mexico retreat in the clear. The sudden appearance of his sister and an old hacker friend they discover in the mix quickly turns this into their most dangerous job yet.


Teaser: My phone chimed in that I had a text message. Hearing the Gilligan’s Island theme song, I knew it was Donny. I learned never to leave my phone lying around unattended. I didn’t want to see what he’d do to my other contacts, not that I had that many.

Where are you guys?

At my parents’.

They have wireless?


Give me their home number and turn on the TV.

I sent the number to him while Parker and Kevin nagged me, wondering what was up. “I don’t know yet. Where’s your phone?” I asked Parker.

“Guess I forgot it at home.”

“He’s gonna tan your—” Before I could even say “ass” my parents’ TV screen flickered to life with Donny’s face.

“Who all is there, Hales? Shit…hang on a second.” My phone rang as he continued to speak. “I can’t hear or see you.”

Parker answered the phone. “What’s going on?”

Everyone could hear him over the television. “Put the phone up on the TV, camera out. I’ll hear you well enough.”

Kevin escorted our parents out the patio door. I was grateful. They still weren’t quite up to speed on what Parker and Kevin did. The less information they had, the better off they were. They’d just experienced their TV set being hacked into via their internet; that was probably enough for one day.

Parker balanced the phone on a framed family photo and stepped back. “What gives? Why use Maryann and hack into their system? Talking on the phone isn’t good enough for filling me in on your vacation?”

“Where’s Kevin?” Donny asked.

“Right here.” He was walking into the room as Donny asked for him.

“My mind may be a little burned out on tropical drinks right now, but I’m pretty sure some sort of shit is hitting the fan.”

“You’re on vacation. What the hell are you doing?” Parker asked.

“I was minding my own business.” He paused and took a long draw of a beer.

“And…” Parker said in frustration.

Stepping closer to the screen, I asked, “Are you okay?” I had to admit I thought I knew him pretty well for the short time we’d been working together. Something was wrong. I was sure it wasn’t lost on Parker, but coddling through trauma wasn’t their strong point.

Donny focused on me. “I have a doc on the way.”

“For what?” Parker bellowed.

As Donny stepped back, we could see a woman on the couch behind him with her arm over her eyes.

Kevin laughed out loud, hard. “What’d you do? Pick up a beach goddess and break her?”

“Shut the f*** up, Kev.” Donny was far enough back now that we could see his chest. He removed a washcloth he had pressed low against his ribs and revealed a long wound that could only be from a knife.

“What happened?” I shrieked.

There was a knocking on the door behind him. “That’s Doc. I gotta go. I called Seth before I called you. He’s getting the plane ready. Get your asses out here.” He signed off without another word.

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