I'm on Your Side, Hailey

Published April 13,2019

Parker and his team get more than they expected when Seth’s parents come to them for help. His birth mother wants contact, but they're afraid for him with her shady history of drug use.

The team takes off for Deadwood, South Dakota to investigate, and immediately find themselves in the thick of a murder. The danger grows with every corner they turn as they work to unravel her secrets and involvement with a biker gang.

Calling in their own tactical team provides benefits and challenges—with results they never bargained for. 

Don’t miss book 5, the final in the I Got Your Back, Hailey series!  


Donny scooted forward. “Maybe it’s time to bring in Chip, Dip, and Heiny.”

“No, Parker protested. “We don’t need those clowns.”

I was intrigued, but couldn’t help laughing at the names. Just when I thought this list of misfits couldn’t get any more colorful, something else comes up.

“Who the hell is that? And you can’t be serious with the names.”

Without answering me, Parker glared at Donny. “Don’t do it, man. I don’t want ‘em.”

“I never would have thought of them, boss, but it’s not a bad idea,” Kev said.

“How do you know them and I don’t, Kev?”

“You were at Mom and Dad’s. The three of us went out and I had the pleasure of meeting them.”

I was growing impatient. “And?”

“They’re three dudes all named Chris. One had been Chip since college. The other’s last name is Deppman. His nickname was Depp until Chip came along. Then it went to Dip.”

“Dare I ask about Heiny?”

Kev laughed. “Last name Heinen. That one is easy, Comet.”

“Okay. That explains the names. But who are they?”

Donny finally clarified things for me. “Just a group of guys we call in when we need extra bodies. Brawn, not brains. Obviously we don’t call them often since you don’t know them. It’s been well over a year. Two of them are ex-cops, relieved of their badges for various things. They’re well-trained and can take a beating if need be.”

Tyler coughed. “Hello. Who was almost killed here?”

“Exactly. I said take a beating.”


Donny laughed.

“I don’t suppose they’re as hot as my three favorites with that name,” I said.

“Who’s that?” Parker asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, and Chris Pratt.” I grinned. I’ll say it again, I love my Marvel movies.

“Are you forgetting Chris Pine?” Parker said. “And wipe your chin, oh love of my life.”

I pretended to wipe drool. “Oh! Make that four. He’s Star Trek not Marvel, but we can lump him in if you insist.” I gave Parker a wink. “Why haven’t we called them before?”

“I didn’t want ‘em,” Parker said. “The few times we’ve needed them were more of a shit show, but they got the job done. We need to gather intel here, not make a scene. I still don’t know that we’re there yet, Donny.”

“It wouldn’t hurt, Peters. We can have Kev and Tyler get chummy again. If anything happens, the three stooges will be there to take the attention off our guys. You never know how things will go with what’s been going on. They aren’t my first choice, but they could sure come in handy. They’d fit in great at that dump of a hangout.”

Parker sighed. “I guess if they’re free, we’ll make use of them. Call in the appetizers and the asshole. Fly them here without the kid. I’m not submitting him to that bunch without us.”

I laughed till I snorted. This was going to be good.



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