Hunter's Find

Hunter’s Find Thriller/Suspense

February 3, 2012

Logline: Helping your prisoner is one thing. Falling in love with her is another altogether.

Blurb: Hunt is a small town Sheriff who finds himself in for more than he bargained for when he discovers Mandy beaten and unconscious. After repeated attempts of escaping him, he finds himself now her captive instead. Mandy convinces him she’s after her husband who has kidnapped their daughter and will stop at nothing to find her.

Although his instincts tell him differently, Hunt becomes involved with her and agrees to help. What he doesn’t know is there is no child. Mandy is hiding her involvement with the FBI and the mob, and after revenge. Hunt is in over his head tracking her husband to the isolated cabin and the backlash it causes a year later.


Mandy kissed his neck gently a few times before settling her head on his shoulder. “Not bad for a gimp.”

He smiled and stroked her back. “Wait until I’m all healed up, doll.”

She sat up enough so she could look into his eyes. “You think we won’t kill each other before the opportunity presents itself again?”

“The opportunity is always there. We just have to learn to seize the moment.”

She playfully slapped his arm again. “I’m serious, Hunt. You hate me. What’s with the sex all of a sudden?”

“I don’t hate you. You just have a knack for pissing me off.”

“And the difference?”

“One on one, when you’re not trying to run away from me or deck me or my men, you’re a very fascinating woman, Amanda.”

“And when I’m not?”

“You are an absolute spitfire in bed.”

“I’m serious, Hunt.”

“So am I.” She glared at him. “Okay. Honest time? You’ve intrigued the shit out of me since the moment I found you. Sure, you drive me nuts, but this whole ‘mystery lady’ thing is kind of a turn on.”

“You’re such a straight arrow, Hunt. Besides the whole throw away gun thing. This isn’t going to work.”

“Why? Because you’re involved in something that will probably lead me to hauling your ass away in jail?”

“Would you?”

Hunt sat them up but held her in place, wrapping his arms low on her back. “I can’t help you when you don’t tell me what this is.”


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