Devon's Change of Heart

August 28, 2014

The fan inspired sequel to Money Didn't Buy Her Love

Blurb: Constant thoughts of the one night he and April shared together years ago refuse to stop haunting Devon. Knowing Wyatt is truly his son only confuses his already mixed emotions. He has no choice but to confront April, hoping to make sense of it all. In trying to sort things out, Devon’s life takes a complete about face.

The lifestyle he loved no longer makes sense without the woman he used to feel was beneath his family: the woman who was also the sister of Jeremy, the man he once despised. Only months ago, he would have done anything to prevent his own sister, Dani, from marrying Jeremy. Now, the tables are turned and he desperately wants the man’s approval to date his sister. No other woman will satisfy him; no vacation spot is far enough away to forget her. His thoughts always return to April. He has to have her. And Devon is not accustomed to not getting what he wants.

Determined to win her over, Devon stops at nothing to show her how much he needs her in his life. When throwing his money around doesn’t work, he severely ups the stakes. Winning over Wyatt is easy; getting Jeremy and April to see that he’s changed is a lot harder than Devon ever imagined.

Excerpt: Devon sighed heavily before answering Jeremy. “I didn’t want anything from her. Just to talk.”

“So why’d you get so shitfaced? She say something to piss you off? I love her, but she has a temper.”

“No…she didn’t say or do anything specifically that made me do this to myself.”

“Then you’d better make something up, because if you’re going to tell me you’re in love with my sister, I am going to beat the shit out of you.”

Devon grinned. “It’s not that dramatic. You know I’m far too shallow for that.”

“Then what? Why can’t you leave her alone?”

Devon stood. “I don’t know. I just…” he closed the gap between them and slid down the wall by Jeremy. “Look at you and Dani.”

“What about us?”

“How do you do it? How do you make this work?”

“What? Be happy? Be in love?”

“Yeah, that, and be poor while you do it.”

“We’re not poor. We may not have millions, but we do more than okay. You’re the poster child for ‘money doesn’t buy happiness.’”

“That too.”


“That kid of yours.”

“That kid? You mean our daughter that we love with everything we have?” Jeremy looked like he was holding back from grabbing Devon by the throat.

“Don’t take offense. I want to understand. She’s not your daughter. She’s a—”

Jeremy’s face reddened. “I hear the term ‘street rat’ uttered by you again and I swear to God, I’ll rip your head off and shit down your neck.”

“I wouldn’t ever…I’d never say that again.”

“She loves you. Lord only knows why.”

Devon could only drop his head to his knees. “She’s not your blood, but you’d never know it. You guys are amazing with her.”

“She’s my daughter. Period.”

“I know. I’m starting to understand it. But Wyatt is my son. Can’t I feel something?”

“Knocking up my sister doesn’t make you a father.”

Devon’s head jerked up so he could look at Jeremy. He regretted the speed of his move immediately. As soon as Jeremy was in focus and a wave of nausea passed, he said softly. “She didn’t give me a chance.”

“And what would you have done if she told you when she found out she was pregnant with him? Rushed out and bought her a ring? Demand you get married so your son doesn’t grow up a bastard?”

Devon grabbed Jeremy by his shirt. “Don’t call him that!” Jeremy went to grab him back, but Devon was shirtless. His shove did the trick, Devon let go.

“I’d never insult my nephew. I’m the one who’s there for him, not you.”

“Not to keep beating this dead horse, but that’s not my fault.” Devon closed his eyes and rested his head against the wall. He felt like shit on so many levels – he wasn’t sure what was worse. The way he ached for April, or the pounding in his head.

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