88s, Lady

Published Oct 5th, 2021

Life is anything but routine for Quentin and Jessica after settling in their Texas home three years ago.

After welcoming their twin sons into the family, life is soon turned upside down. Unfortunately, it’s not only as they expected. Someone from their past once again threatens their peace, leaving Jessica fearing for her life and that of her children. She’s rescued with the help from a surprising hero, but the peace is short lived. Being the center of attention is town is not where she wants to be, neither is sitting helpless in bed after a terrible riding accident.

The surprising death of a distant family member brings everything to a halt and has Jessie on a trek back home to Minnesota. She manages to have closure on a long overdue family issue and open a door to a new chapter in her life. The happiness is short lived once they return home and learn the accounts of their newly purchased trucking company are drained by an employee and an unexpected accomplice.

It’s a rollercoaster of emotions, heartache, and happiness for Quentin and Jessica, along with their band of wonderful friends. Don’t miss this follow up to 88s, Baby!