Dustin Time

Original release with Champagne books August 2, 2010

Sequel ~ Dustin’s Turn ~ released in Sept. 2012

Book 3 - Dustin's Novel ~ released April 2016

Logline: When Kaitlyn tries to leave Dusty, fate has other plans.

Back Cover blurb: Kaitlyn thought she was happy with her life. Her veterinary practice successful, and a “boy toy” to keep her satisfied. At least until the night she turns thirty, when the inevitable biological clock starts to tick. Convincing herself that he is simply not father material, she decides to let him go. Dusty refuses to leave without a fight, and fate strongly agrees.

After an unsuccessful breakup, she wakes up once again in Dusty’s arms, only he’s not the same man. He’s an older version…and their child is crying from the next room. The days that follow bring more of the same: arriving at a time in her past or alternate future, on her birthday. Dusty is the only constant in all of her travels, anxious to win her over in each timeframe.

Seeing a whole new side to him and knowing that they were truly meant to be, she allows herself to finally love him. Knowing she has to have fixed what was wrong, she expects it all to stop; only it doesn’t. Battling her frustrations daily, Kaitlyn desperately searches for the answers that will bring her time traveling to an end.

Half page teaser:

She walked into the coffee shop and smiled wide again. It was all so familiar. At least this time she’d know what to expect. She noticed her shoe had become untied so she bent down to tie it. When she stood up, she looked into a familiar face–only it was a few years younger as well.

“Fancy meeting you here,” the man said, then smiled wide, obviously happy to see her.

Kaitlyn fainted.


She woke up on the couch of the coffee shop with Dustin at her side and a washcloth on her forehead. She tried to sit up but he gently pushed her back down.

“Just lay back there, cupcake. Take a few minutes to gather yourself.” He turned to the manager who was also standing there as if he worried that there would be a lawsuit coming. “You can go. She’s fine.”

Kaitlyn stared at Dustin’s profile as he talked. He was just as gorgeous four years younger. He looked closer to eighteen than he did twenty-one. His beautiful brown eyes glistened with the same gold flecks. He was still muscular, just slightly smaller and a little skinnier. His brown hair was a little longer too. She did always say she preferred short hair on men, but she wanted to run her fingers through it just the same. She watched his Adam’s apple as he talked and longed to give it a kiss.

Never mind, she thought. If this is a dream, let me sleep.


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A few quick reviews for Dustin Time!


Well, congrats! You’ve made something happen that usually only Terry Pratchett can do. I read your book–all of it–within 24 hours. Just couldn’t stop! Great job! Beth B., AK


I loved it….it only took me 2 days. If you ever decide to write a sequel to it I would love to read it as well.

Mandy K., PA


Whelp. I did it. Finally. I read it. Yep. Today. All.Of.It. Today. Cover to cover in one day. And, no, I have never read a book from cover to cover in a single day before. Evah.

Matt, FL


I love it when my friends/fans send me pictures! Here’s some ‘Dustin Time in the wild!”

It's the old cover, but I need to leave the pics. <3

Ashley from Minnetonka, Minnesota

Melanie from Spring Lake, Michigan

A Turkey from out West

Jean from St Cloud, Minnesota

Adam from the UK! Squee!! e-books rock!

Meet “the Sam” from from my fantasy series! Nope – she’s too young to read it but ain’t

she cute! Her mom was my beta reader & the title of the text with the picture was “One

just wasn’t enough!”