I have seen on several sites that readers want to know what you have sitting “in the trunk” so I decided to add a page. Finding time is the key. They keep getting thrown on the back burner as new ideas hit me. I’ve learned to go with the flow & write, write, write, when the characters make me!

A prequel to my Hailey series is with my editor! I didn't mean to...young Parker and Donny were just nagging me, so here we are. I didn't plan on Hailey being a part of it, but she decided she needed to have her say as well. I had no idea what a horrid teen she was. Writers are always the last to know, eh? I'll holler with an expected release date.

I'm currently giving 88s, Lady a final beating before sending it off to my editors. That will probably be early next year.

I did start something new...not sure where it came from - but I love it! I actually got 40K done in about 5 days! (That's 1/2 way!) I need to slow down, go back, and fill things in but I'm being pulled in a lot of directions right now so it will need to be patient with me. No working title yet - those usually come last for me.

Thanks for looking!

Happy Reading!