I have seen on several sites that readers want to know what you have sitting “in the trunk” so I decided to add a page. Finding time is the key. They keep getting thrown on the back burner as new ideas hit me. I’ve learned to go with the flow & write, write, write, when the characters make me!

This list has been shrinking. I just crossed one more off! All I have left are 2 in my 88's Trucker series. 88s, Baby & 88s, Lady. 

Quentin is one of my all time favorite dudes! Vicki is a pain in my @ss! She hates her past & doesn’t feel worthy of Quentin’s affection. I love how their feelings grow and the family that comes from it. A lot of exciting twists on their road trip as well. I didn’t plan a sequel, they just wouldn’t leave me alone! All of the friends they share tug at my heart. We'll see what I can do with it. As always, you'll be the 1st to know!

Update 10/20! One more out of the trunk! 88s, Baby will be released soon!

I am also working on a prequel to my Hailey series. I didn't mean to...young Parker and Donny were just nagging me, so here we are. It's just a few thousand words from being done, but you know the process... I'll keep you posted!

Thanks for looking!

Happy Reading!