I have seen on several sites that readers want to know what you have sitting “in the trunk” so I decided to add a page. Finding time is the key. They keep getting thrown on the back burner as new ideas hit me. I’ve learned to go with the flow & write, write, write, when the characters make me!

Of course I'm dabbling away at ideas for a Hailey #4. There were so many hits with #3, I'm giving the characters a well-deserved break! 


The rest of these aren’t really Works IProgress. For the most part they are done, I’m just in the forever polishing stage. All the stories are near & dear to my heart. I plan on submitting most of them someday, they are just waiting their turn like the good little novels that they are.

I have 2 romances heavy on the cowboy/trucker theme. 88′s, Baby & 88′s, Lady

Quentin is one of my all time favorite dudes! Vicki is a pain in my @ss! She hates her past & doesn’t feel worthy of Quentin’s affection. I love how their feelings grow and the family that comes from it. A lot of exciting twists on their road trip as well. I didn’t plan a sequel, they just wouldn’t leave me alone! All of the friends they share tug at my heart.

Vienna Waits for You needs a new title & a good editing. Marshall’s personality just fits that he sings my favorite Billy Joel song to Vicki throughout the book. Of course the letter I have from Billy Joel’s lawyer doesn’t agree. I’d never see what they’d want from me to use the few lines of lyrics here & there so they have to go. It’ll take a little work, but the story still rocks. Again, it’s another close to my heart. Lil’ Miss Vicki finds herself pregnant at 18 – Marshall fights to prove his love is for her, not just because she’s pregnant. I'm liking the ring of a song I used at our wedding "Let's Start With Forever." I'll have to see how it pans out...y'know...when I get back into it.

That's about it - this list has been shrinking! W00t!

Thanks for looking!

Happy Reading!

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