Pau Hana Books

Pau Hana: Hawaiian for "work is done."

Per wiki:The time after work. It is considered a time for relaxation. 

This could not be a better phrase for when you've finished writing your book! You've struggled with your plot, your story flow, putting in that comma, then worrying for several passes if it should come back out. You've gone back & forth with your beta readers, your copy & line editors....ahhhhh. You've typed "THE END" and really mean it this time. Now what?

When I first started out, a few of my books were picked up by three different small presses. As they closed or it was just time to part ways, I needed a solution to get my books back out there. I was unhappy with some designers' work and fees and decided to learn how to do the formatting myself. I love the final results. I claimed the domain "Pau Hana Books" and created my own imprint. Although I'm not operating a small press, I can help you with your formatting and steps to get your book out there. 

There are a few things I do that make your book stand out from the rest.

I'm a stickler for matching chapter title fonts with your cover art, not just 1,2,3...etc. 

For the print, I do drop caps for a professional look. You aren't allowed that in an e-book, but I will go a size up in font & bold it. :)

How about a nice scene break, not just  ~*~  or  **** . We'll find a nice clip art to fit your book's theme.

Here's one important step that you don't get elsewhere. As a writer, I've learned the hard way the final, critical step you need. Your final proofing needs to be a print copy. Even better, A PRINTED BOOK COPY. There's a magic about reading it printed out and catching those final typos that somehow managed to sneak past 6 or more sets of eyes! So, I do things a little backward. I make a print proof for you to order and edit. This will also give you a chance to check your cover copy, spine, etc. When you've got the final word document for the print book edited, I'll make the e-copies.

I'll do a separate kindle version and help you set up your account at KDP, then I'll make an e-book version for Smashwords if you'd like. Smashwords will make all other version you need: mobi, epb, pdf, etc. I have looked into various programs & just didn't see the need to "fix what ain't broke." At this time, I'm not making separate mobi & epubs. Smashwords will do that. A lot of people go with KDP select - you won't need anything past your kindle version if that's the case. If for some reason you want a separate Mobi & Epub, I can't help you at this time. You are welcome to send the final formatted word document to someone else to reverse-format it and make your e-copies. The file is yours - not mine.

Most places I've found want $250+ for the print & each e-version or $400+ for both. I'll do all 3 for $100 for an average FICTION** length. I have templates & enjoy doing  it. There are enough places out there that want to take your money once you get going. I want to see authors spend money where it's needed! You will get your file in 2-3 days. (Print OR Kindle only: $75)

I will help you through Createspace or Lulu - whichever you prefer. You can either purchase your ISBN at Bowker or get a free one assigned with the printer of your choice.

If you are interested in having help formatting, drop me a line. june [at] junekramin [dot] com. I correspond with YOU and your file. You will correspond with your cover artist. They will set up your cover as per your final page count after your book is formatted. One cover designer I highly recommend is

I'm not an editing service and am not responsible for errors you find after you've approved your proof. We've all found typos in finished books, "Big 5" or not. If you find them in your work, I know how devastating that is. If it's a few "though" instead of "through", "site" instead of "sight" etc, I'll fix that for you no charge. If you're looking at paragraphs of rewrites, I will have to see how long it takes and maybe do an hourly fee - not "$250 to revisit your work" like I've seen with other places. If you haven't gotten to that editing stage yet, I can recommend a few editors. Check my "links" page.

Good luck with your work however you choose to get it out there! Visit my "tips" page for a few ideas on where to go next.

Now, go celebrate. You've earned it. :)


***This is for fiction. I recently did a non-fiction that had dozens of pictures and typesetting, an index, etc. This is a lot more work. I'd have to quote you upon seeing the job if it's non-fiction.

A few books I've formatted.

Welcome to the Pau Hana Family, Edgar James! Best of luck with your novel!

quartet singer cover front

Love this author!

And Rah Rah! to Cliff for his non-fiction football book!

My 1st anthology! I loved doing this one. I created a lot 
of special scene breaks to fit the themes.