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Newest Release!


My apologies to everyone that has been waiting for Hailey's sequel. Although I had this started before we moved, life just got in the way!!

Every time I got back into the story, Parker, Hailey, & Donny were patiently waiting for me like the good little characters they are. They threw a few surprises my way though & kept me on a ride like I knew they would.

I think it will keep up to everyone's hopes for it to be the page turner that #1 is. You'll have to let me know your thoughts. I love the e-mails that came in for I Got Your Back, Hailey.

7/7 was the official release day! It's up at Amazon for kindle & print, B&N for Nook, & smashwords for all other e formats. 




Musa Publishing, the last publisher I had a few books with, have closed their doors. I have met some wonderful people though them and will continue to remain friends with everyone involved. What does this mean for the 3 books I had with them? I would sooner have a root canal without Novocain than search for another publisher. A few have stepped forward, welcoming submissions of the newly orphaned books, but that's not for me. I had over ordered my promo print copies & have plenty to sell. I'm trying to get back out there for signings again, but now with them closed, I'm allowed to sell them outright. So...if anyone wants a trade paperback copy of my 3 romantic suspense/thrillers, drop me a line. $8 each will include shipping. I'd like "out with the old - in with the new". 

(I also have a few of Dustin's Turn, Dustin Time II in it's original format as well. Guess my eyes were a little bigger than...y'know. ;)

Happy Reading!


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New to my books? Check out the published books page - I bet I have something to "float your boat". Each book their own page with blurbs, etc as well as linkys. They range from time travel to suspense/thriller. I love it when guys say they have enjoyed my books - even though they are technically filed under "romance". There are a few review links if you want to see what people are saying. 

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