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Newest Releases

Devon's Change of Heart,Money Didn't Buy Her Love II.

As much as I loved my cover models for #1, this one is Devon & April's story. Thanks again to a fan for the kick to get this one going. You people are such bullies! ;)


Many authors I know look back & say "I always wish I could have...." with their first book. Well, I'm getting that chance.

I've regained my rights to the novel that started all this madness! It was the 5th one I wrote but the 1st one I got published. I loved Champagne Books for my start, but with time & a few hits & misses with other small presses, I've learned a lot along the way.

Dustin Time has been re-released with this spankin' new cover & fresh edits!!

 Dustin's Turn is now
 available as well!

I'd be happy to update anyone's copy with the format of their choice!!!

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New to my books? Check out the published books page - I bet I have something to "float your boat". Each book their own page with blurbs, etc as well as linkys. They range from time travel to suspense/thriller. I love it when guys say they have enjoyed my books - even though they are technically filed under "romance". There are a few review links if you want to see what people are saying. 

For news on my middle grade fantasy series, check out that tab & separate website: 


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